Monday, July 15, 2013

Ana Viajera is Giving away FREE subscriptions to Esquire, Elle, National Geographic, Conde Nast and many more!


Win a FREE subscription to any of these popular titles.
There are hundreds more to choose from at!

Hello Viajeras! Want to win a free subscription to your favorite magazine? Ana Viajera (with the generosity of Zinio) is giving away 9 FREE subscriptions to popular magazines. Choose from any of the thousands of titles offers like Marie Claire, Esquire, National Geographic, Good Housekeeping, Newsweek, Popular Photography, and thousands more!

To join, simply
1.    Be a member of by clicking on the “Join this site” button on the right hand corner.
2.    Comment on this post (or any other Zinio post on this site) by sharing the magazine title that you would like to win.

Watch out for future posts on for insider tips on how to increase your chances of winning. Contest runs until July 25, 2013, and winners will be announced on this site on July 28, 2013.

Contest is open to all Viajeras- wherever you are in the world!
Subscription length will depend on chosen title.

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There are hundreds of titles to choose from Conde Nast to Town& Country, from Elle to Esquire, from Outdoor Photographer to T3. Overwhelmed? Don’t be! Get the Z-Pass to get 3 new magazines for $5 every month. Don’t be pressured to choose the right one;  you can swap your titles every month and explore. With Z-Pass, you don’t have to commit to a full year subscription to a title that you later discover is not to your liking. If you get bored, simply switch to another title!


Harper's Bazaar please

- Janna Crane

Hey thanks for this exciting giveaway Ms. Ana!
This is so much better than giving away shoes
or bracelets like other bloggers do.

I want to win Rolling Stone please.


Marie Claire!

Lisa May Cruz-Harris

Traveling doesn't need to happen with airplanes and ships alone! Another world I would like to explore is that of Technology---a tasteful travel into the world of telecoms, today and in the future. I would love to win that magazine. Thanks for this amazing giveaway, Ana Viajera!
- Cora Nicholas

Your words take us away and now you're giving us another way to go on an adventure of our choice. Thank you ana viajera. I MARCH to your beat.

I want to travel with Conde Mast. I think they're one of the most authentic travel publications there is. They send out their writers unsponsored by their destination to make sure their review is not swayed in any way.

Redbook pls. Tnx

- Arly Lopez

Rolling Stone ha? Salamat! I hope my previous comments count. I have been commenting a lot on different posts. :)

Hi I've been a member from the start, bit I joined through yahoo. I just sent you my email at travel@amaviajera. I would really love to have nat geo. Thanks for this great giveaway. And more power to you & zinio. Emags are the way to go.

All the best!



Thanks to all those who have joined so far!

Please remember that to qualify, you have to be a member of the site. Just click on the "join this site" button on the upper right hand corner under the banner.

Good luck Viajeras!

Marcy: What a nice thing to say. And yes, I agree about Conde Nast too. I heard they go out on their on dime and like to travel "incognito".

Good luck and march on :D

I prefer Esquire magazine

I want Popular Photogrphy

The week!

Thanks Ms. Viajera and Zinio.


Thank you Ana for taking me places! My favorite articles of yours are from the Marshall Islands. Before you, I never dreamed such a paradise existed. Exactly which continent does it sit on?

Take me to more places through Nat GEo TRAVEL.

More power to you kindred wanderer.


Luis Nombre

National Geographic, please. :)

Beautiful blog you have here!

Rolling Stone please
love you ana viajera!

- blaise

Thanks Viajeras! Again, may I remind you to join the site to be qualified for the contest.

Good luck!

outdoor photographer please! Thanks Ana V.

I have worked for magazines for over a decade and I have always been a skeptic when it comes to digital or online magazines. Now I am a believer! Zinio knows!

I would like to win Nation Geographic Travel please. Thank you!


Reader's Digest po! Salamat Ana Viajera!

hello mama! i finally found the join this site button! haha! i would like copies of national geographic, please! thanks :D

Esquire please, thank you.

Hue here again.

Check back in a week to see if you won, viajeras ! Winners will be announced here. But It's not too late to join!

i esCAPE through your powerful words Viajera! i'LL GO wherever you go. lovely blog. i'm not just saying that because i want a subscription to harpers either. but don't mind if i do!

blissfully lost and longing,

O mag or readers digest thanks

T3, daaaahling!!!

Pat "Viajero" Jose

by the way, can i still change my mind in the last min? cant wait!!

pat pa din!

I am excited! :D Hope I'd win 'Elle'.

-Anjela Mae Era

Fran, such a nice thing to say!

Only 2 more days for those who still want to join.

National geographic please. Terima Kasih!

Nathan (the snoop)

I'm J. dela Rosa from the Philippines and I would like to get the free subscription to National Geographic, please! Thanks! Inshallah! :D

Hi Ana Viajera! I would love to win a subscription to Rolling Stone. Very rockin' site you got here!



I'm always finding a hard time looking for Nylon in the Philippines. If I win this, it would be so cool!

Mel Guzman

Also, I wouldn't mind T3. Thank you!

Hello Ana! I'm still hoping to win... I hope to get the Conde Naste or National Geographic subscription. Love all your blogs. Looking forward to reading more new posts from you.

conde nast please... =) banana bear!

Hi I hope it's not too late to join. Conde Nast please please please!!!

Bette Blevin

It's still the 25th here. Please tell me my entry is still counted.

I really would want to win a Harpers subscription.

Anxiously yours,


You made it just in time Miyashi :) Check back in a few days for the list of winners.

Can I still join? I'm interested in Newsweek. Many thanks!
I'm a viajera too!

Thank you for letting me win! Keep blogging :)

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