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I believe that a writer’s desk is her altar. It is where stories are created and where newly discovered worlds are worshiped on a blank page. I'd like to think that the writing table is a window to the author's thoughts, a reflection of her personality.

Ana Viajera's first desktop banner. Find the seasonal banners below.

This page is dedicated to Ana Viajera's banner. It is a representation of my desk and therefore an embodiment of who I am and what this site is all about. It was my web developer's (Cherie M. Del Rio) idea to use my work table, cluttered with my personal effects and tools of the trade, as an encapsulation of everything that AnaViajera is. And since Ana Viajera is mainly a travelogue, it has to be presented with a travel theme.

Creative clutter is my favorite excuse.

As people with restless feet and an adventurous heart, my husband and I designed our house around the same theme: travel with a vintage feel. Our house is the inspiration for the look and feel of the desktop banner, including the color palette.

You will see old world maps, globes, and vintage luggage all over the house

Every item on the desk is of great significance to me. If you took a closer look at the table top, you will see that it is an old world map. It is actually wallpaper left over from my son’s room. Resting on my laptop is a Lisbon Poets Hostel brochure that came from one of my husband’s trips. Tim wants to take me there someday, because it is a place for poets, lovers, and dreamers. The small notebook is my journal for the year. Paris has never been in our wish list, but I just love the cover, and I don't think I need to tell you why. The open notebook is my journal for Finn. A page of it has already been published by Total Fitness Magazine which I will soon post here.

The mug, a gift from my friend Karen, has the name of the city where I lived more than half of my life.

Tools of my trade: a bouquet of pens.

Slipping under the passports, is a postcard that we sent out as a thank you card for our wedding. It contains a poem specially written for us by my poet friend Allan Popa, an ode to our relationship that stood the test of distance. 

Distractions at my office window.

The picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was taken by Tim. When we moved into our house, Aunt Tracy brought me the antique camera as a housewarming gift. She knows me too well. And the laptop – it’s from the Jurassic age to say the least, so I think it fits the vintage theme perfectly (I have an aversion to change, and although Tim has been wanting to get me a Mac, I resisted, vowing loyalty to my trusty old pal until it decides to retire.).

Vintage suitcases: great as storage and design pieces
As the seasons change, so will my desktop banner. I will be adding little touches to it, moving the items around, and customizing it for the season. I will archive its transformation below.

Fall 2013

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Summer 2013

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 Spring 2013

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Holiday/Winter 2012

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Fall  2012

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Does my desk really look like the desktop banner?

It is as cluttered, but no; it doesn’t look anywhere near the banner. In fact, my office is the only room in the house that has an entirely different color palette and feel.  It is beach inspired with an olive green and white palette. Being a sunroom, it is flooded by light most of the day, and it would be a shame to mute the sun with black, browns, and reds.

The backyard offers a refreshing respite for my eyes in between paragraphs.
On good days, I'd see a bright red cardinal cooling off in the birdbath outside my window

I come from a tropical country, and Tim has lived five years of his life in an island paradise in the Marshall Islands. You will see traces of that in my office, including powdery white beach sand as we are always shaking it off between our toes.

This frame reminds me that I can create any picture I want.

My office is a work in progress, just like my site is, and perhaps you will also see its growth here, the way you will see mine.

Enough of me. Tell me what your desk looks like, and I will tell you who you are :)


I think this is my favorite section of your blog. :)

My desk is my lap. But sometimes it's the kitchen table. Who am I? :))

Awww...mine too! I can't wait for the fall banner...which you will edit for me :D

You live too much in cyberspace. That's why you hold your computer too close to you. Your world is your lap; you limit your universe to such a small space when there is so much more out there. You also turn to food for comfort. Oh-ha? ok ba sa interpretation? Tell me I'm wrong! hahahaha Thanks for the delightful footprint you left on my message box!

My desk doesn't have any writing space on it hehe

You make whatever it is you are currently preoccupied with overwhelm your life until there is no space left for what matters.

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love this section of your blog. now, it makes me want to overhaul my desk. hehehe! but there's nothing like a study/home office that gives one a good view of the outdoors. mine gives faces a wall (and my monitor).

Thanks Cecile!!! A big window for my ofc was one requirement before we bought the house :) Remember though, you can create any picture you want on your wall, including a window that opens to the world :) Enjoyed looking at your images...including the ones on tumbler!

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