Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall Banner 2011

I am falling in love with this season. The colors are uplifting, and I love how the cool air feels on my cheeks  while the sun blesses my face. 

Thanks to my web developer for her untiring dedication in helping put this desktop together.

It took me awhile to find the perfect leaves for the desktop. But alas, maybe leaves don’t fall so gracefully where I live. Still, I hope this banner reflects the rich colors of the season, including the red Moleskine, the legendary notebook used by artists, travelers, and thinkers, they say.

Red is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors (although olive or moss green will always be up there).  The crimsons also remind me of our breakfast nook (which is where I take the pictures of the desktop). We wanted it to look like a quaint cafe in Firenze.

The best thing we got for this nook is the highchair and the little boy.

The notebook is a gift from my darling friend Nana. She said she bought one for me and one for BenCab in Hong Kong. Somehow the sound of my name uttered in the same sentence with the National Artist tickles me cherry.  As always, thanks for the love Nana B.  The first inspired word I write on this one is for you.

There were two important things that I failed to include in Ana Viajera’s launch banner:  a book (fiction or travel of course) and an item to honor a good friend who helped make this website possible. Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun takes care of both and more. Cherie, I know how much you wanted this book, and when you do come back, this book is yours. Thank you for your love and patience.  May you be covered with lots and lots of ladybugs soon!

We went picking for leaves at the Oktoberfest!

And although my husband has already been to Tuscany, he would love to go back to take me to Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance, so the addition of this book on the desktop is perfect, I think. In place of the laptop is the 4G smartphone he recently got for me, so I could check on Ana Viajera anytime, anywhere.

Finally, I also included the rosary not only because October is the month for it. The last time I flew home to the Philippines, my tatay gave me this rosary from Rome, made of rose petals. My mother recently suffered a stroke. The one thing that showed her swift mending was her clear utterance of the word “rosary”, wanting us to pray it with her. The rose rosary is also an ode to my patron saint, St. Therese, who has journeyed with me always. And yes, I always bring a rosary with me whenever I travel. I usually pray it during long haul flights.

This banner won’t be up for long as I can already feel winter in the air. But for now, let our adventure continue and the falling in love begin again.


As the seasons change, so will my desktop banner. I will be adding little touches to it, moving the items around, and customizing it for the season. I will archive its transformation on My Desk. 

Read more about how I put the banner together and how my real writer's desk looks like at My Desk. And tell me how your desk looks like, and I will tell you who you are.


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